We are the Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), dedicated to finding solutions to poverty and improving the lives of people with low income in Maine.

Real reform should create opportunity for families; not push them into deeper poverty.

Urge your legislators to support proposals that would create opportunity for families living on the edge:

  • LD 1268 would chart a course to create new opportunity for thousands of Maine families.
  • LD 1188 would create a rental assistance program for low-income households and individuals.
  • LD 1052 would waive the 3-month limit on food assistance for those areas of the state where jobs are scarce.
  • LD 808, LD 633 and LD 854 would improve the lives of nearly 70,000 Maine people by increasing access to health care.

Get the facts on so-called “welfare reform” proposals that will push families into deeper poverty.

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