Understanding ASPIRE-TANF: What are your Rights? is being updated! (December 2017)

A lot changed in TANF and ASPIRE in 2017. We have listed some of the major changes below:

  • Fedcap: ASPIRE is now run by Fedcap. ASPIRE is the work, education, and training program that most parents getting TANF must do. DHHS still handles eligibility, and they issue benefits and support services.
  • More 2-Parent Families Now Eligible (Elimination of 'Deprivation'): Parents applying for TANF no longer need to show that their children are deprived of the support of one parent. This means that more two-parent families are now eligible for TANF and Alternative Aid.
  • TANF Increase: The monthly TANF amount went up by 20% in October – the first increase since 2001. Families receiving TANF should have received this increase automatically. The monthly amount will be adjusted each year from now on.
  • Help with High Housing Costs: There were changes to the housing special need payment. This is an extra monthly amount available to families with high housing costs. If a family receiving TANF pays more than 50% of their income for housing, they are eligible for an additional $300 each month. This used to be $200 and families had to pay more than 75% of their income for housing. This means that more families are eligible, and they’ll get more help.

Please call us at 1-866-626-7059 x205 or email info@mejp.org if you have questions about TANF-ASPIRE or if you think you may have been wrongly denied.
We will post our updated guide here as soon as it is ready.

Here is how to figure your TANF Grant! (reviewed March 2009)

Much has happened to help families who lose their TANF when they go to work. This information is to help you know what assistance you can still get. (Updated: August 2015)

Help for Immigrants

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Policy Briefs

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Alternative Aid

TANF Time Limits

Learn about the latest major changes and how to protect yourself from losing benefits prematurely. (June 2012)

TANF Deprivation

27 December 2017

ASPIRE Sanctions

(Updated: June 2017)
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