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Read MEJP’s report here. (October 2014)
Summary of proposals affecting Maine's most vulnerable populations (March 2013)
Over the last two years, the Governor and some politicians in Augusta have pushed a strident agenda calling for cuts to public programs, all under the banner of “welfare reform.” The result is not reform. (October 2012)

Policy Briefs

Report finds families losing assistance face multiple barriers and experience severe hardships due to TANF time limits. (March 2013)
Get the Report's "Key Findings". (January 2011)
Safety net programs are critically important in tough economic times. (September 2012)
Medicaid coverage for low-income parents and childless adults has helped to reduce Maine’s uninsured rate. (March 2013)
Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) and the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) release report documenting extensive benefits for accepting federal funds. (March 2013)
Maine has an unprecedented opportunity to accept federal dollars already set aside for Maine to cover approximately 69,500 people who otherwise cannot afford it. Revised (March 2013)
Summary of Selected Items in the Supplemental Budget for State Fiscal Year ‘13 & Biennial Budget for State Fiscal Years ‘14 & ‘15 (January 2013)
A review of national and state research about the importance of coverage for low-income, childless adults ("non-cats"). (January 2012)
Lessons from a 2010 Survey of Maine TANF Families. (January 2011)
Publication of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center (October 2008)
This analysis explores the question of whether, as a cost containment strategy, the state of Maine should consider reducing benefits and coverage for one or more groups of Medicaid-enrolled adults. (March 2009)

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