TANF Time Limit Rules: What will I need to do if I qualify for an extension?

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IX. What will I need to do if I qualify for an extension?

If you qualify for an extension, DHHS will also decide how long you can get it. You will get a notice telling you that you have been given an extension and when it begins; when it ends; and what you have to do to continue it for another 6-month period.

If you qualify for an extension you must:

  • Sign a family contract amendment that includes any steps that you must take to remain eligible for the extension;

  • Comply with that family contract and all TANF and ASPIRE rules from the date you apply for the extension unless you have “good cause” (see below for “Good Cause for Not Complying with ASPIRE rules);

  • Continue to meet the requirements for the extension;

  • Cooperate in all re-evaluations of your extension; and

  • Report all changes that affect your TANF eligibility or your eligibility for an extension.

If you fail to meet any of these requirements your TANF will end.

June 2012

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