Story Bank: Patty, Shapleigh

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Patty, Shapleigh

Tell us more about your family's health care situation.

A: "My husband was taking some small part-time jobs. He taught at the local community college and I worked, self-employed, from home, part-time. He was slowly becoming more and more disabled. A few years before we lost our health coverage, we had applied for disability and been denied, and appealed, and denied several times and gave up. With disability, disabilities don't give up."

How did lack of health insurance impact you?

A: "In 2012, at that point, because we were low-income and had no children [under 18], we had no health insurance. We didn't qualify. Our state did not expand Medicaid when it had the opportunity so we were without health coverage. It was a very difficult time for us."

Why is Medicaid important to you?

A: "To me, people should not have to choose between having medical care and then having to go bankrupt, or not having medical care and risk dying. I know if my husband had not gotten the medical care that he did, I would be a widow and my children would have been without a father."