Story Bank: Pamela, Sabattus

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Pamela, Sabattus

Do you currently have health insurance?

A: "I just got health insurance back. I had been without health insurance since February."

Do you have any medical conditions that require treatment?

A: "In February, I needed to go to the doctor's. The job that I'm involved in right now, you have to wait at least three to six months before you can even get health insurance, and that's while you're employed. So, that makes it really tough that you have to wait that long of get health insurance while you're employed. It should be an automatic thing. But I do have medical issues that I needed to be covered and the insurance company that I had denied it so I couldn't get the testing. By then, I had decided that the company that I was working for, which was out of town, and I weren't a good fit so I left that job hoping to go right into another job. It didn't work out that way. So, it ended up that it took me time to get another job that I would agree to take and get health insurance. I still had to wait three months while being employed by this company to get health insurance when it should be an automatic thing. I've always worked and most of my jobs, when you got hired, you got health insurance. But this industry does not do that for you. So, you have to wait."

 How has lack of health insurance impacted you?

A: "I couldn't go to the doctor's. I couldn't go get things looked at that I needed to have looked at. My doctor wanted to schedule an MRI. I couldn't go."

Why is Medicaid important to you?

A: "Everybody needs to be healthy. If you're not healthy, then you don't take care of your children, you don't take care of your life, you can't work, or your work creates a problem and you have no safety net to help you stay healthy so you can be a productive human being. Everybody deserves a chance to be healthy and productive and when you take health care out, we don't get to be healthy. Employers don't get their workers to work. What do you do? You know, what do you do?"