Report Changes to Keep Your Food Supplement Benefits!

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When Do I Have To Report Changes?

You must report changes within 10 days of knowing about the change.

How Do I Report Changes?

Keep copies of everything you send.  Save your confirmation number if you go online.

What Changes Do I Have To Report?

  • If your job, wages, or hours change.If unearned income changes more than $50 a month.  This includes Social Security, Unemployment, child support, and income tax refunds.
  • If your household changes.  When people move in or out, you need to tell DHHS.
  • If you move and are living in a new place, you need to tell DHHS.  DHHS will need to know how the move changes what you pay for utilities (heat, electricity, phone, etc).
  • If your rent or mortgage changes.
  • If you have a change of vehicles you own, including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats. 
  • If your savings increases or you get additional money beyond what you have already told DHHS.
  • If what you pay for child support changes.

What Happens To My Food Supplement Benefits After I Report Changes?

DHHS may ask for more information to confirm the changes you are reporting.  You must provide this information in the time they give you.   

DHHS will send you a notice if there is a change in your benefits.  If you do not agree with the change, you can appeal by calling or writing DHHS or by going to your local DHHS office and asking for a fair hearing.

If you appeal within 10 days of receiving the notice about a change in benefits, you may be able to keep getting the same benefits until you have a fair hearing and a final decision is made.  


Call Maine Equal Justice Partners at 207-626-7058, Ext. 205.

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