Policy Information and Resources Outside of Maine

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National Health Law Program
National public interest law firm working to improve health care for America's working and unemployed poor, minorities, the elderly and people with disabilities
National Housing Law Project
Housing law and advocacy center working to advance housing justice for the poor
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Working at the federal and state levels on fiscal policy and public programs that affect low- and moderate-income families and individuals
Families USA
Working to promote high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans
Center on Law and Social Policy
Strengthening policy for low-income families
Coalition on Human Needs
Alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies that address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable people
Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign
Committed to uniting the poor across color lines; leadership base for a broad movement to abolish poverty
Institute for Research on Poverty
Center for interdisciplinary research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States
National Center for Law and Economic Justice
Advancing the cause of economic justice for low-income families, individuals and communities across the country
Medicare Rights Center
The largest independent source of health care information and assistance in the United States for people with Medicare; posts a helpful online tool - the Medicare Interactive Counselor