MEJP Staff

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Robyn Merrill, ext. 201
Executive Director

Kate Brennan, ext. 204
Organizing Director

Jack Comart, ext. 202
Litigation Director

Patrick Ende, Esq.
Policy and Legal Liaison

Moriah Geer, ext. 212
Moxie Case Coach

Christine B. Hastedt, ext. 203
Public Policy Director

Katherine Kilrain del Rio, ext. 210
Policy Analyst

Hildie J. Lipson, ext. 206
Director of Development and Operations

Ambureen Rana, 441-2573
Community Organizer

Jennifer Sanborn, ext. 200
Office Manager

Joby Thoyalil, ext. 207
Senior Policy Analyst

Alison Weiss, ext. 209
Communications/Campaign Coordinator

Karen Wyman, ext. 205
Paralegal/Training Coordinator


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