MaineCare-Maine's Medicaid Program

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MaineCare: What everyone should know about Maine’s Medicaid program(pdf)

Did you know...

  • 1 in 3 children and 43% of births in Maine are covered by MaineCare.
  • 50,000 seniors are covered by MaineCare, Maine's Medicaid program.
  • About half of MaineCare enrollees live in rural areas.

For more information, check out new MaineCare Fact Sheets published by the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF):

MaineCare in action:

Kelly lives in Augusta with her children.

Her health history includes active rheumatoid arthritis as well as a ruptured vertebrae, all the while her children live with autism.  Pain management includes cortisone injections, osteo manipulations, and a previous surgery.

Without treatment, the pain would be debilitating. 

As for her children, who were never expected to walk or talk, early diagnosis and treatment for autism has allowed them both to be successful in a mainstream classroom.

Today, while Kelly is attending full-time classes at the University of Maine at Augusta and working, her children are also at school, they're also learning to play the trumpet, and making new friends. Without access to healthcare, none of this would be possible! 

"I know from personal experience that a parent's access to health care affects an entire family."--Kelly Martineau

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