MaineCare Coverage for Women with Breast and Cervical Cancer

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Have you been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer? Do you have a pre-cancer condition of the breast or cervix? You will now be able to get full benefit MaineCare coverage if you:

  1. Are age 40 through 64; or
  2. Are age 35 through 39 with breast and/or cervical symptoms and need additional tests for a possible breast or cervical cancer OR have not had a Pap test in five (5) or more years; and
  3. Have income at or below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines;
  4. Don't have health insurance (unless it's for a single service or illness); and
  5. Are a citizen or a resident non-citizen, AND
  6. Have been seen by a provider or a mammography facility enrolled in the Maine Center for Disease Control's Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program.

If you want to be screened for cervical and breast cancer....

The Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program (MBCHP) provides free:

  • Mammograms
  • Pap tests
  • Pelvic exams
  • Breast exams
  • Some diagnostic services

Please call the MBCHP to:

  • Fill out an application on the phone.
  • Get complete list of providers.
  • Choose a primary care provider site near your home.

The primary care site will provide a breast and cervical exam. They will also schedule a mammogram. If you are found to have breast or cervical cancer, MBCHP will complete a Medicaid application with you.

If you already been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer...Call MBCHP to see if you are eligible for MBCHP and then MaineCare.

The Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program (MBCHP)

(207) 287-8068

Toll-free 1-800-350-5180 (press 1)

TTY (deaf/hard of hearing) (207) 287-8015

You can also just contact your local office of the Department of Health and Human Services and apply for MaineCare if you have breast or cervical cancer.

MaineCare will cover most every health care service that you need to treat your breast or cervical cancer.

If you run into any problems contact Maine Equal Justice Partners at (207) 626-7058, ext. 200 or toll free at 1-866-626-7059, ext. 200.

Visit the MBCHP pages of the DHHS website.

Income guidelines for MaineCare if you have breast or cervical cancer

Poverty Guidelines

Updated July 2009

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