Maine Equal Justice Affirms Solidarity with and Support of Immigrants

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President Trump’s January 27 executive orders exploded across the world, wreaking havoc, causing harm and placing thousands of people in danger. Although the order was struck down by the courts, the President wasted no time in redirecting anti-immigrant sentiment by stepping up effortsto deport immigrants, spreading fear in immigrant communities and emboldening hostility and acts of violence by those who buy into this shameful rhetoric.

Sadly, this targeting of immigrants, which inspires hateful words and actions, is not new in this country or in this state. Year after year, we have seen Governor LePage push proposals that would put immigrants in Maine at risk – proposals that would leave people without shelter, food, or medicine when they need it. This year is no different.

Now is the time to raise our collective voice and affirmour solidarity with all members of our community who have been targeted by these unjust actions. We can do that here in Maine by supporting our immigrant friends and neighbors in this budget fight.Join us!

To learn about budget proposals that will harm immigrants: