Implement Medicaid Expansion Now!

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It's go time!  House Republicans are threatening to leave before finishing critical legislative business, including passing funding for Medicaid Expansion. This is unacceptable. It's time to act. Here are the top three ways you can help RIGHT NOW!

1. Call your legislators on the State House hotline RIGHT NOW: 

House Line: 1-800-423-2900

Senate Line: 1-800-423-6900

You will be asked to share your Representative or Senator's name, your name and your town as well as a brief message for them. Not sure who your legislators are? You can look them up by town here.

Our message:

"Do not leave without taking action on Medicaid Expansion!"

Your call will generate a pink note that lands on your legislator's desk. This is the best way, short of being there in person, to reach your legislator today. Let's fill those desks with pink notes! 

2. Can you come to the State House beginning at 12pm with shifts running into the night until legislators take action? Help us hold the line, hold a sign, deliver postcards and talk to legislators in the halls! Meet us on the 3rd floor - look for our signs and stickers! Our message is simple: "Do not leave without taking action for health care!" 

Let us know if you'll join us by calling or texting: 207-754-1489. Check the Mainers for Health Care Facebook page for updates throughout the day.  

3. Visit the Mainers for Health Care Facebook page, like and share our posts widely today! Also, it can help to email your legislators RIGHT NOW! Not sure who your legislator is? Find them here.

Thanks to you all, we are ready for this. Today is the day to act. Let's do this!  


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