Help us pass Medicaid at the ballot box on November 7th!

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We know that Mainers want more access to affordable health care, not less. The cost of health care, and especially prescription drugs, is taking a heavier and heavier toll on our families and neighbors.  

Federal funds were earmarked for Maine 3 years ago that would provide health insurance to 70,000 Mainers by expanding Medicaid coverage.  The Maine Legislature passed legislation five times to put these federal funds to work for Maine.  The Governor has vetoed each bill without having a true understanding of the implications.

Expanding access to Medicaid is a common sense move that will improve health, create 3,000 jobs throughout the State, and help preserve Maine’s community hospitals and health centers that so many of us depend on.

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we stand together. We must stand united for more affordable health care, not less!

Maine voters support Medicaid Expansion and we need your help to remind them what’s at stake at the ballot this November. We are working to collect stories from community members that are currently enrolled in Medicaid, were denied Medicaid coverage, or are currently uninsured. What’s your story? Did you lose MaineCare? Are you living without health care? Do you or a family member rely on Medicaid to stay healthy and participate fully in your community? Are you a provider who sees the impact Medicaid – or the lack of good health care - has on people you work with?

Please contact Maine Equal Justice’s new Story Collection Coordinator Victoria at  

Interested in volunteering on the campaign in other ways? Please contact Maine Equal Justice organizer Kate at

Join Us! Check out  to learn how you can get involved!

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