Governor’s Budget Proposes Devastating Cuts

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in Health Care and Other Basic Needs…Again!

The Governor’s proposed budget cuts more than $65 Million dollars from anti-poverty programs that provide health care, food, and shelter. The cuts will affect Mainers who already face steadily rising costs as well-paying jobs that can support a family have dwindled. These deep cuts are proposed at the same time that this budget gives thousands of dollars in income tax cuts to some of the wealthiest people in Maine.

This proposed budget comes on the heels of deep cuts made in recent years that have already caused more than 35,000 Mainers to lose health care; 16,000 children to lose support meeting basic needs; and more than 40,000 to lose food assistance (SNAP).

None of these harmful policy changes are necessary. We do NOT have a budget shortfall. There is no good reason to increase suffering and leave Maine families and children further behind.

A state’s budget is one of the most important tools available to solve the most pressing problems that it faces. This budget does not solve Maine’s problems. It makes them worse. Let’s stand together to say “no” to deeper budget cuts. Instead, let’s say “yes” to a budget that reflects Maine values—a budget that:

  • gives hope and opportunity to Maine people living in poverty;
  • ensures all Mainers have enough food to eat and a warm place to sleep; and
  • opens the door to stable, good paying jobs that can support a family.

To read MEJP’s analysis of the Governor’s budget proposal:

Text of Budget Available at

All cuts proposed are intended to go into effect July 1, 2017 unless otherwise noted.