Getting Hearing Aids Through MaineCare

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Q: I have full MaineCare, can I get a hearing aid?

A:  Yes. 

  • Under Age 21: person can get two digital hearing aids
  • 21 or Older: personcan get 1 hearing aid if the hearing loss is 41 dB or greater and less than 90 dB. Adults 21 and older can only get a second hearing aid if both ears show a loss of 41 dB or greater AND they are working, in an educational or work training program or legally blind.

Q:  Do I need a prescription?

A:  Yes.  You need a prescription from your health care provider (M.D., D.O., P.A. or A.P.R.N.)  that was done within the last 6 months.  MaineCare will also have to Prior Authorize the hearing aids.  Your hearing aid dealer will take care of the paperwork.


Q: What if I am in a “retirement” or “nursing” home?  Can I get hearing aids? 

A:   Yes.  People living in a licensed Nursing Facility (NF Section 67) or in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with intellectual disability (ICF-IID Section 50) are eligible for hearing aids, but must follow the same rules outlined above.

Q: Can I go to any audiologist or hearing aid center to get hearing aids?

A:  No.  Not all audiologists or hearing aid centers serve MaineCare members.  Make sure that you go to a MaineCare hearing aid provider.

Q:  What if they break or I need new hearing aids?

A:  People under the age of 21 can get annual replacement of hearing aids if it is medically necessary.  People 21 or older can only get replacement every 5 years unless there is a medically necessary reason such as a marked decline in hearing.  Aids that are lost or negligently cared for will not be replaced except after 5 years

*MaineCare pays for 6 replacement batteries per month.

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