Food Supplements and Subsidized Housing

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If you live in Subsidized Housing or other housing with heat included in your rent, youmay be eligible for extra Food Supplement Benefits(FS). Here’s how.

Can I Get More Food Supplement Benefits If I Live In Subsidized Housing?

Most likely, yes.  You can get more Food Supplement benefits.

How Can I Get More Food Supplement Benefits When I Live in Subsidized Housing?

Apply for the Low-Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP), even if your heat is included in your rent.

When you get a LIHEAP benefityou will get more Food Supplement benefits from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). When DHHS figures up your Food Supplement amount, you will get what is called the “full standard utility allowance.”

Can Anyone Who Lives In Subsidized Housing Get LIHEAP?

No. Not everyone who lives in subsidized housing can get LIHEAP, but most people, who have low-income, can. 

If you live in subsidized housing, and meet the income and other limits, you may get a LIHEAP benefit if you:

  • Are paying any amount for your rent; OR
  • Even if you pay nothing for rent, you pay for an electrical or other utility bill.

If you are eligible you will receive a LIHEAP benefitof $21 a year.

How Will DHHS Know To Increase My FS Benefits When I Get LIHEAP?

As soon as you get your LIHEAP benefit,contact DHHS immediately at 1-855-797-4357. Tell them that you got your LIHEAP benefit. You must actually get your LIHEAP benefit before they can increase your FS benefit.

What If My Local Community Action Agency (CAP)Tells MeThat I Have To Wait A Long Time To Apply For LIHEAP?

When you call your local Community Action Agency (CAP) tell them that you live in subsidized housing and would like an appointment as soon as possible to make sure that you can get all the help you need from the FS Program. If you just reapplied for FS and your benefits went down, be sure to tell them that.

You will need to show the CAP that you pay for part of your rent or another utility. Bring your lease or other proof that you pay rent or utilities to your appointment.

What If I Do Not Live In Subsidized Housing, But Heat Is Included In My Rent?

You can still get LIHEAP.  Just apply.  Once you get LIHEAP, you should tell DHHS. This will help to make sure that you are getting the Food Supplement benefits that you are due. 

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