Food Supplement Benefits for People Who Are Homeless

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Can I Get Food Supplement Benefits If I Am Homeless?

Yes.  Be sure to put “homeless” on the line on the application that says: 

“Street, address and town where you actually live, if different:”

What Happens If I am Not Paying Rent?

Once you tell DHHS that you are homeless, DHHS will ask you if you have any costs or expect to have any shelter costs.  Shelter costs can include such things as paying for:  a phone, motel, campground, security deposit or paying to stay with a friend or relative, paying a shelter, etc. 

You then get an income deduction of $143 per month.  This may help you get more Food Supplement benefits. 

What If I am Homeless, But I Pay More Than $143 to Stay Places?

If your actual shelter expenses are more than $143 per month, you will be asked for proof of your expenses.  This may help you get more Food Supplement benefits.

How Much In Food Supplement Benefits Can I Get?

The most any single person can get is $194 per month in benefits.  If you are getting less than this, make sure that DHHS knows that you are homeless.  It may help you get more Food Supplement benefits.

Is There A Way That I Can Make Sure I Am Getting the Right Amount of Food Supplement Help?

  • Contact DHHS if You Have Any Questions.  Make sure they are giving you the $143 homeless deduction.
  • Contact Maine Equal Justice Partners at (207) 626-7058, ext. 205 OR your local office of Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

Prepared by Maine Equal Justice Partners, Inc., 126 Sewall Street, Augusta, ME 04330 

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