Food Supplement Benefits Application and Recertification

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Food Supplement Application Process:
DHHS must act on your Food Supplement (FS) application within 30 calendar days from the date it gets your application.  You must give them all the information they ask for to get a decision within this time period.  If you are eligible, they must give you benefits within 30 calendar days.

Emergency Food Supplement Benefits:
If you have very low income and few assets you may qualify for “expedited” FS benefits.  If you qualify DHHS must give you benefits by the end of the next working day after you made your application.  You may qualify for expedited benefits if:

  • Your gross monthly income is less than $150; and
  • ou have less than $100 in assets that you can access right away like a checking or savings account; OR
  • Your monthly gross income and liquid assets are less than your household’s monthly rent or mortgage and utility costs.

When your FS “certification period” ends, you must reapply to keep getting benefits.  You will need to fill out a Review Form.  You need to give DHHS information about anything that has changed since your last review.  If you remain eligible you should keep getting your FS benefits without interruption.

DHHS should give you a notice with a chance to reapply at the beginning of the last month of your certification period (your last month of eligibility).  If you reapply before the 15th day of that month and you still qualify, DHHS must make sure that you keep getting FS benefits without any break.

If DHHS needs any additional information to recalculate your eligibility, they must give you at least 10 calendar days to provide it so you can continue to get benefits without interruption.

If you do not file your Review Form by the 15th of your last month of your certification period or fail to come to an appointment or do not provide information to DHHS in a timely manner, there may be a break in your benefits.  HOWEVER, if DHHS did not get your review form to you on time, or if they did not respond to your calls so that you could meet deadlines, they may have to make up any benefits that you lost.

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