Equal Justice...on the move! - Summer 2016

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Finding solutions to poverty and improving the lives of people with low income in Maine
Equal Justice...on the move!
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Making a Difference: Amy's Story


Maine Equal Justice works with many talented and dedicated professionals around the state. One of those is Amy Carmichael at Bath Housing. She works with residents to meet their needs- practical, social, and personal. When asked about the tenants she serves she didn't hesitate, responding "They are people like you and me. They are hard workers. They all had of have jobs. They are veterans. They are elderly...They are trying to make ends meet like everyone else."  


Read more about how Amy is making a difference here.




Summer 2016

We have been busy this summer and have a lot to share with you. We also want to thank you for joining us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in June - we had a blast!


Legislative Advocacy: During the 2016 legislative session policymakers failed to advance proactive solutions to reduce deep child poverty and create opportunities for people to find good jobs, take care of their families, and contribute to their communities. The case for real reform is compelling. Learn more here:


Administrative Advocacy: The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is making changes that will impact the lives of Mainers with low income. The Administration has also been making threats to make changes to Maine's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that would have devastating impact on Maine people who rely on the program to put food on the table. Maine Equal Justice continues to monitor changes and advocate for fair public policies that will do no harm. Learn more about some of our recent administrative advocacy efforts here:


Advocacy in the Courts: Maine Equal Justice provides direct legal representation to people with low income so they can access public assistance for which they are eligible. When we identify a systemic issue affecting multiple people, we work with government officials to fix the problem.

In instances where this is not sufficient to resolve a case, MEJP may work with pro bono attorneys to file a class action lawsuit. This is one way in which MEJP works to ensure that the system is fair and just. Recently MEJP and Drummond Woodsum attorneys teamed up to challenge a DHHS rule denying food assitance to asylum seekers who are eligible according to state law. Learn more about the case here. 


One Story of Many:  MEJP provides legal assistance to individuals who run into barriers as they attempt to navigate a complex system and receive help for which they are eligible. Every day we work with people who face significant obstacles. Their stories shine a light on the systemic barriers that need to be addressed as well as the resilience and strength of people who are facing these obstacles. Read about how Amy, Resident Service Coordinator at Bath Housing, is Making a Difference in Peoples' Lives.


Equal Justice PARTNERS: The Equal Justice Partners Circle brings low-income people together into powerful collective action and statewide leadership through four advocacy trainings. So far the Partners have completed two sessionsLearn more about what the Equal Justice Partners are up to here!


Resources and Fact Sheets:

Q&A on the Recent Rule Changes for MaineCare Section 17 Changes


Thanks for Coming!

Maine Equal Justice celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 2nd with a big ‘birthday bash’ at Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell. With more than 200 of our allies and friends in attendance, we honored two of Maine’s most extraordinary advocates and MEJP’s greatest allies -Representative Margaret (Peggy) Rotundo, and Mark Swann and the entire staff of Preble Street. MEJP was honored as well at the event by special guest Congresswoman Chellie Pingree.

As we look ahead to the next ten years, MEJP intends to build upon its legacy of effective advocacy.  We will champion real solutions to poverty – ones that provide opportunities to thousands of individuals and families throughout the state and create an economy that works for all of us. 

Check out the photos from the event.

Maine Equal Justice Partners

Celebrating 20 years of advocacy - bringing hope, opportunity and greater economic security to Maine people

Thank You

Maine Equal Justice is deeply grateful to our many supporters who make it possible for us to do the work we do.  We thank the Maine Justice Foundation, the Maine Civil Legal Services Fund Commission and the Campaign for Justice, which provide core support to MEJP, as well as the foundations, businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals that have made a commitment to justice through their generosity to our organization. 


We hope that Equal Justice on the Move is helpful and informative. We welcome feedback if you have suggestions on how to improve it.


the Maine Equal Justice team


Maine Equal Justice Partners, Inc. | 126 Sewall Street | Augusta | ME | 04330



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