Cover Maine Now - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Maine

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Cover Maine Now logoIn 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA helps make comprehensive health care coverage affordable for many including currently uninsured individuals and families. It also includes other important health care reforms.

The law is already helping people today as some key parts are already in effect. Young adults under age 26 may be able to join or stay on their parents’ health insurance plan; people with expensive or ongoing care will no longer max out their insurance policies over their lifetime; and children with pre-existing conditions are no longer excluded from coverage.  People with Medicare now have more help with prescription drug costs and no out-of-pocket costs for most preventive services.

Now, in 2013, it’s time to get ready for ACA changes that will expand access to coverage for tens of thousands of Maine people.

To learn more about the ACA and the opportunities for improving health care coverage in Maine, follow the links below.