Story Bank: Donna Wall, Lewiston

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Donna Wall, 60, Lewiston

Donna Wall is a round-the-clock caregiver for her three adult children living with autism.  When Donna’s two sons turned 18 years old, she lost MaineCare eligibility.

Each night, when her children are sleeping, Donna goes to work as a newspaper carrier.

During Donna’s overnight, four-mile newspaper route, she has to be aware of her surroundings at all times. During the winter, she has to be careful of ice patches that are invisible by night. Recently, Donna tripped and fell on her chest, potentially fracturing a rib.

Additionally, Donna has forgone medical care for her anxiety and necessary annual eye exams. Because she no longer qualifies for MaineCare and cannot afford private insurance, she did not seek medical help for fear of extraneous health care bills.

When time allows, Donna donates plasma to help supplement her income, but still cannot afford private health insurance.

Even though Donna’s children still live with her, she cannot qualify for health insurance through MaineCare herself. If Donna had access to health insurance, she could receive the care she needs and worry less that an illness or injury would burden her with medical debt.